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Koban is a brand of rotary hooks, shuttle hooks, and bobbin cases—key parts that determine the work performance of sewing machines. 


In addition to being strong enough to endure rotations at high-speeds of 12,000 revolutions per minute, industrial sewing machine parts require exceptional levels of precision to the degree of a micrometer. With the high technological standards allow Koban to fulfill these needs. 


Koban continues to be the trusted choice throughout the world. Because of this reason, we are happy to bring together Koban and you

 Message from Hitoshi Sato (Presedent of the Koban):

Our story began in 1918 when a small textile factory was set up with a few weaving machines.

Years later, it turned into metal processing industry. We started manufacturing Hooks and Bobbin Cases, 

key parts of industrial sewing machines, and "KOBAN" became the top brand highly evaluated by sewing 

industry around the world. In recent years, we are expanding our business to high precision parts

processing, centering on medical equipments, by making full use of our accumulated technical strength

and quality assurance system. In order to respond widely to customer's needs, we are steadily promoting

strengthening of the system, such as acquiring the international standard of medical equipments, ISO 13485.


Overcoming the raging waves of social conditions, we will mark the 100th anniversary in 2018. This is all

due to the unchanged support of our customers, business partners and local communities. At the same time,

we are proud of the efforts of each and every one of our employees constantly opening up new fields

responding swiftly to changes in the times.


Based on our management policy "SABUN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. must serve the welfare of society through

business," from textiles to sewing machines, and medical equipments, we have played a part in the industries

that are essential elements of human life. We will continue to challenge to develop into a company that will

contribute to society more than ever.e than ever.



1918:  Established a textile factory with 5 handlooms.

1932:  Achieved daily production of 900 rolls with 400 weaving machines. Becomes the prefecture's leading textile factory.

1943:  Closed due to wartime restrictions.

1945:  Established Sabun Works and began manufacturing bobbin cases for home use.

1957:  Started production of shuttle hooks for home use.

1960:  Established Sabun Forging Co., Ltd., to forge shuttle hooks.

1961:  Reorganized as Sabun lndustrial Co., Ltd.

1963:  Started producing rotary hook for industrial use.

1964:  Opened the Osaka Office.

1966:  Completed a shuttle hook factory.

1967:  Started production of special rotary hooks for industrial use.

1972:  Moved and reconstructed Sabun Forging Co., Ltd. Changed the company name to Sabun Brazing  Machinery Co., Ltd. Converted the manufacture of shuttle             hooks to nonoxidized brazing.

1983:  Introduced Toyota production and implemented the "gear" (haguruma)campaign.

1991:  Merged with Sabun Brazing Machinery Co., Ltd., as the Akebono Factory.

2001:  Started ultraprecision processing at the Kitsu Development Center.

2002:  ISO 9001:2000 certification.

2004:  Established China-based affiliate Sabun Precision Parts(Zhejiang)Co., Ltd.

2005:  Kitsu Factory:Registration of medical device manufacturing industry.

           Kitsu Factory:Third type medical device manufacturing and sales license.

2010:  Head Office Factory:Registration of medical device manufacturing industry.

2015:  Changed Type 3 Medical Device Manufacturing Sales Permission to Headquarters Factory.

2016:  Acquired ISO13485 certification.

           Head Office Factory, Kitsu Factory medical equipment department.

2018: 100th Anniversary.